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The Creative Vegan personal chef service is an in home weekly personal chef service that specializes in the vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free diet provided to you by Chef Terran.  I help busy professional couples and singles who don’t have time to cook or don’t want to deal with the hassle of cooking solve the problem of getting healthy, home cooked meals on their dinner table so that they can engage in more meaningful activities.  Book a consultation now!

Why hire Chef Terran?

My services will benefit your health: Are you suffering from a health issue that has caused you to reevaluate what you can and cannot eat?  Has your doctor eliminated meat, dairy, wheat and a host of other ingredients from your diet leaving you feeling helpless and your food lacking in creativity and variety knowing that you also lack the time to prepare your food.  Chef Terran will prepare plant based meals that are delicious, creative and will help you to feel better, get you results and give you a piece of mind.

Are you a professional athlete who is looking to increase their sports performance so that you can feel, train and perform at a higher caliber? Or you may be someone who is working towards fitness goals and you want to have more energy.  The above often requires a change in diet and a plan provided by a Nutritionist but because of being preoccupied with other priorities one often lacks the time to execute those dietary changes once in the home.  My service can help you execute your nutritional dietary guidance needs.

My service saves you time: Are you a busy professional couple or single who gets stressed out about having to come home and prepare healthy meals because you don’t have the time nor the energy to cook?  Do you want to just come home, relax, and not have to worry about preparing meals, grocery shopping, and cleaning up afterwards?  Chef Terran can help you take the stress and work out of the above thus giving you more time to spend engaging in other activities that are more meaningful ensuring that the people around you get the best version of you, not the burnt out, exhausted, miserable version of you.

My service saves you money:  Most people have a tendency to buy groceries and wind up wasting or spoiling them due to lack of time and creativity.  Chef Terran can help you make sure that the bag of peppers sitting in your refrigerator does not go to waste by making sure that it gets cooked in a delicious meal for you thus saving you money.  Read more.