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The Creative Vegan personal chef service is an in home weekly personal chef service that specializes in the vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free diet. This service is for individuals or couples who greatly value their health and do not have time to execute meal preparation in their home and want the luxury and the convenience that a personal chef service provides.  Also an individual or couple who greatly values their health but does not want to deal with the hassle of executing the preparation of meals in their home and everything that comes with it.  For whatever reason if you can’t execute the preparation of meals yourself then you understand the importance of having a chef to provide a service that results in positive benefits to your body and positive contribution to your success.  Book a consultation now!

Why hire Chef Terran?

My services will benefit your health: Are you suffering from a health issue that has caused you to reevaluate what you can and cannot eat?  Has your doctor eliminated meat, dairy, wheat and a host of other ingredients from your diet leaving you feeling helpless and your food lacking in creativity and variety knowing that you also lack the time to prepare your food.   Hiring a personal chef who specializes in a plant based diet can set you up to feel better so that you can be more efficient and have more stamina in your workday or while doing yoga.  You will know what ingredients are in your food and have a say in how they are prepared.  The plant based diet is one of the best ways to lose weight, stay in shape and has been proven to provide more assimilated nutrients.

My service saves you time: Are you a busy professional couple or single who gets stressed out about having to come home and prepare healthy meals because you don’t have the time nor the energy to cook?  Do you want to just come home, relax, and not have to worry about preparing meals, grocery shopping, and cleaning up afterwards?  With a personal chef you are able to delegate those cooking responsibilities to the chef so that you can expend your time doing the things you love and enjoy like playing golf, attending to your business needs, spending more time with your family, etc.

Convenience: Imagine that every day when you come home you have a refrigerator full of delicious meals waiting for you and all you have to do his heat them up and serve.  You have the choices of what you are going to eat everyday already made for you.  No more wondering “what am I going to have for dinner tonight, tomorrow, and the next day?”  Hell the rest of the week!  No more making grocery list and spending your time checking items off of long list.  No more hauling groceries into the kitchen and cleaning up after cooking a meal.  You can’t stand to do any of these tasks.  What I’am describing is the convenience of having a personal chef come to your home and do all of the above and more.  Read more.